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Chapter 1: Mass Communication

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:17 AM by Tanner Ginest
Chapter One: Mass Communication
    One of the biggest changes in technology was the computer. Even though people say that we, as humans, are smarter than computers, they provide all kinds of information and are very helpful. Now computers are very important even in people's social lives, such as facebook, youtube, twitter, and even some people still use myspace... People also use computers for emailing, which is another way to communicate on the computer.
    Other ways people communicate are through the radio and television. Televison, there are always commercials telling you to buy their products. The reason why they rely on television to get the point across is because there are tons of people that watch television on a daily basis. Basically the same idea with radio. There are always commercials on the radio on their breaks, because people always listen into the radio when they're in their car or even working.
    Technology has came a long way. We went from having someone deliver messages, to sending electronic based messages. We will continue to become stronger in technology as time passes and we develop more knowledge on how everything works.