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Blog Regards

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:12 AM by Ryan Sanchez
My regards on this last assignment are that i liked the topic because i think the cyperbullying and safety for blogging is interesting. I like how the assignment was best on real news articles. The first article was better with information than the second.
    The questions were good questions for the topic and easy to understand. The question also went along with the topic of blogging. Im not much of a blogger i usually just get on facebook or twitter. 
    Im guessing blogging is just like twitter and now that i have read all the safety issues with blogging but if you have facebook or twitter it is pretty much just common sense. Their are those people who say those uneeded comments in social networks but after i read these articles im not going to do it. I also know not to put up any pictures that will jeporize my life later on like with a job and make a status that is messed up.