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Blog 1.

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:15 AM by Ryan Sanchez

What are some of the potential dangers of blogging discussed in these texts? Which of these concerns are legitimate? Why or why not? What other dangers are there in blogging that were not discussed in the texts? What should students keep in mind in order to practice responsible blogging? Suggest 2-3 rules you think would be appropriate for the class to follow as part of a blog policy.

1.Some of the potential dangers are that you can get cyberbullied, disrespected, and creeped out by pedifiles.
2. The most concern is sucidedal death from being made fun of on blogs.
3. Well you dont want someone to kill themself becuase of mean blogs.
4. If you give your pass word to someone and they share it with someone else they can log in as you and say things you dont want to be said.
5. The should keep in mind the safety reasons and just be mature about the whole thing,
6. Some rules that would be appropiate is no fowl language and be resopectful to other class mates.