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posted Oct 3, 2011, 7:25 AM by Rachel Goedecke
Do you think it would be hard living in one of the time periods before postmodernism? Why or why not?
    Yes i think it would be hard, because I am comfortable with all the inventions that we are living with today. As in: my cell phone, A/C in the summer, contacts, and my digital camera. My camera is waterproof, i love being able to take it in the pool and take pictures under the water.
Do you think technology will keep advancing? To what extent?
    I think technology will keep advancing. I don' t think there is a limit where it will stop, people will keep coming up with new ideas to create new things, that others couldn't even dream of.
What is your opinion on technology comsuming our lives? Should we cut back on using technology? Would we be able to survive without it?
    No, i like all the new ideas coming out, and i dont want to have to live without it.