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Pepsi Assembly

posted Oct 7, 2011, 6:33 AM by Rachel Goedecke
I think this assembly is a good way to show the control, and thinks that can happen when you lose it. I always think they are sad, because they usually have a lot of sad stories, either from parents who have lost their child, or from the students that have made a bad choice, in them. I like the music and the movie clips in them, but I dislike the sad stories, they are kind of depressing to me. Yes, it was effective, because it showed what can happen if you don't pay attention when your driving, or what words can do to others. This assembly showed bad choices, and gave ways to not do it, or get around them when they happen.  
I think the purpose of the movie clips, and the music was to keep us entertained. Its probably the best way to keep a lot of students quiet for a couple of hours with each other without talking. If I could change anything i would have changed the amount of talking from the one guy. It seemed to me that he talked a lot and the video just came back to him, they could have had multiple speakers, and the could have talked about one subject and been done. Another thing, is that they could have had like a skit type thing instead of so many different stories.