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9/11 Video

posted Sep 19, 2011, 6:13 AM by Rachel Goedecke
 The movie was very upsetting to me. I remember that day by just the shock everyone was in. No one believed it was real. The world trade center, the pentagon, and the plane that crashed into the field, all had innocent people in them. The comments from the video taker in times square were the most realistic to me, they were shocked and very jumping toward the war suggestion, and later people were taking it all back saying that the war was pointless, in later years. I was in the first grade, I remember at like 10:00 in the morning the annocement saying that the tower had been hit, and because of that everyone was supposed to 'hid under their desk', at the time that seemed so weird to do, and they didn't explain any of it to the students, and the teacher kept saying "the towers were hit?" We were all looking for answers, but now from the video I see that the people in New York were right there and didn't have them any more than we did in the middle of Illinois. As we finish this movie getting the comments of the takers, they are all shocked by the tragedy, they captured on camera.