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posted Oct 14, 2011, 6:50 AM by Paige Graham
I really liked the timeline on the Holocaust Museum page.  It really shows how much things have changed over time.  I also liked the artifacts page.  I liked how you could pretty much pick what you wanted to see.  There were a lot of pictures and "artifacts" and I really enjoyed seeing all of them because they were from the time of the Holocaust and it allowed you to see some of what was going on.  In the artifacts page, I also liked the different newspaper headlines that it had throughout the artifacts.  Another thing that I thought was interesting was that you could see the website in Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, or Turkish.  This just shows how much the Holocaust is learned all over the world.  I also really lliked the article on the Incitement to Genocide in International Law.  It was really intesting and I actually learned something from reading it. 
Forms of propaganda in today's time would be like all of the commercials on television about all of the military branches and the recruitments.  I am not sure if this is propaganda, but they have recruiters come to schools and talk with the students and try to get them to sign up.  But I do not know if that is actually propaganda, but they try really hard to get people to sign up.  There were also propaganda back in the day, like different posters of women in the army and Uncle Sam saying "The Army Wants You."
This website has quite a few different propaganda posters on it.