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posted Aug 29, 2011, 7:57 PM by Paige Graham
From reading the articles about blogging, there are many dangers associated with it.  If you put something on there, it will be on the internet forever.  Another danger is that anyone can see what you put, and that can be a safety concern.  I think most of the concerns were very legitimate because they can all be potentially dangerous.  Another danger not discussed in the articles was the personal harmfulness that can come from a blog.  You might write something that was not intended for a certain person or group of people to see, but they might actually see it and then you are putting yourself in danger.  To practice responsible blogging, just remember that anyone can see what you are doing and it will be in the internet forever.  Rule 1:  Do not write any personal information throughout your blog.  Rule 2:  Blogs should be monitored on a weekly basis.