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posted Oct 14, 2011, 6:54 AM by Nyckie Greene
First, I'd just like to start off by saying that the topic of WWII and the Holocaust has always interested me. Ive researched propaganda before in History last year and learned alot about the same sorts of things found in the websites just like this one. I liked reading about it then and it still interests me now. The worst part about learning of this topic is the fact that propaganda doesnt always pertain to people old enough to partake in it. For instance, last year in relation to propaganda I did a project on the Invisible Children. Children in Uganda, unfortunatly, still deal with the hell of the posibility of becoming a child soldier. Although this may seem like  a foreign concept in the US, being a Child soldier is nothing out of the ordinary in Uganda. Overall i thought the website we toured was a good source of information on propaganda and the Holocaust. I enjoyed looking through the galery and reading about specific examples.