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Ch. 1 Mass Communication: A Critical Approach.

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:42 AM by Nyckie Greene
The artical was interesting to me because I thought it was interesting how technology and ways of communication have developed throughout the years. It is funny to think about the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and even the internet used to not exsist. We used to read newspapers on a daily basis to get our source of current events and entertainment. Texting is also a new way of supplying news and events! Now we look at news papers as "a waste of paper". I couldnt name a single person in my family that still reads the news paper.
    Telegraphs used to also be a major means of communication. However, we dont use telegraphs or even send letters much via postal services anymore. Remember when birthday invites or party invites were always sent in the mail? Now its done through Email, texting, and Facebook event invites! Everything is done electronically. I can remember when no one in my family even had cell phones. I know my first cell phone didnt have an option for "unlimited text messaging data plans". Paper is becoming a thing of the past, Digital Communications is our presant and Future.
    In the "Culture as a Skyscraper" article, Its odd to think that the "high culture" section is all arts and things we rarely think about unless we are learning about them in school. The section about "low culture" is what consumes our lives more than anything. Reality TV and music artists are more likely to be read about in a magazine then Hamlet and Finnegans Wake. When we think about the important art pieces of our time, we think about movies like Twilight and Avatar, or even music by artists like Lil' Wayne and Lady Gaga, not Beethoven.