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posted Oct 14, 2011, 6:56 AM by Nolan Frasco
I really enjoyed the gallery, showing off the different kinds of propaganda and how you could see the change form German to american opposing the Nazi remnants. The timeline and theme pages were also very interesting, I liked the segment about Hitlers rise to leader status. Although I already knew alot about the word itself, I learned much more about it's origin, and how it was used in the early years after its creation. 
american WWII propaganda:
and If we are going to talk about this in class, I would like to ask this: how many people KNOW about Occupy Wallstreet. and then out of those people how many know whats it's ABOUT. there really isn't any propaganda about it. but the fact that there is "reverse-propaganda" where as the fact that it is being hidden form the general public is disturbing. I have been following it for sometime and It is a serious issue that I personally believe would fit in to this topic quite well.