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September 11th

posted Sep 16, 2011, 8:02 AM by Jennifer Durbin
I was always very devastated about the 9/11 attack, even as a child. But after watching this documentary I feel almost more connected and closer to the horrors that occurred on that day. I always knew it was a tragic event, but I could never quite visualize the things that were being described. The movie really helped me to understand why it was such a big part of history because much of it was documented by the people of the city. 
    Some of the more shocking parts of the movie really got me thinking. The men and women that would just jump from the building because there was no escape, that really had an effect on me. I'm sure it also did for everyone else. Near the  end of the movie, one man got an amazing shot of the plane flying straight into tower 2. What was it like for the people on that plane? 
    I just can't believe some people could be so heartlessly evil, no matter how much they hate us. It's one thing to kill hundreds of soldiers in battle. But unarmed civilians? I keep thinking of what I would want to do to the people who caused this horrendous sequence of events on innocent lives. I know the whole middle east do not have the same beliefs as these terrorists, so fighting fire with fire would just cause the violence to spread. How can we possibly push reason onto completely unreasonable people? It makes me wonder.