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Responsible Blogging

posted Aug 30, 2011, 1:17 PM by Nathan Grove
    Blogging is very common among students, mainly kids from the age of 12 to 17. There are many ways to use this feature to positively influence your life. Now kids are learning more about the world and are able to socially network, even with people in other countries. But there are also some dangers of social networking on the internet. Some of these dangers include predators, viruses, and even sending stuff that may ruin one's reputation. There are some guidelines you can follow to avoid these dangers online. For example; don't give out too much personal information. Telling people your name and age shouldn't be much of an issue, but giving out your email, location, and phone number is when it starts getting to be too much. People can use this info to harm you or spam you with unwanted things. Another guideline would be to watch what you say. Believe it or not, but every thing you type on the internet is permanent. Future employers, school staff, and relatives are able to see most of what you type at any given time. It's advised that you don't say anything that might offend someone. These are just a couple examples, so don't think you are perfectly safe now that you're on the web in your cozy home. It's just as unsafe as the real world.