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Chapter 1 Mass Communication: A Critical Approach

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:46 AM by Mitch Smith
The media world has a role in everyones day to day living.  The way most of us get the media today is from a newspaper, tv, radio and what most of us use which is our phones. Just like today everybody was talking about the vma's last night and what was going on. From page 14 from the packet it really goes into great detail about how the media and the media world reaches out for us. On page 15 there is a pie chart on how we get our news but even only 20 years ago that greatly came to change with the internet.
The culture as a skyscraper doesnt make much sense to me. From our high school point of view who honestly thinks that i would actually sit down and read the book hamlet over jersey shore or go turn on some lil' wayne. This skyscraper was probably put together by some guy up in a big building that has never discovered MTV, or he just doesnt understand the way that we work as kids.