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Blogging Responsibly

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:11 AM by Melissa Baker
    Blogging is a bad thing because there are many dangers in it. Blogging can be a danger to anyone, and not just to the person using them. Anyone on the Internet can see what someone writes. When you apply for a job years from now, that person hiring you can look it up and find out what you wrote, and you have no control over what you wrote when you were younger. People can also accidently trash talk people and not realize what they are doing because they can get caught up inwhat they are saying, and now that person who said that would be considered as a cyberbully.  One other thing is that people can reveal too much information and it can go to the wrong people.
    All of these concerns are legitimate.  They should not be a problem if people would just blog right and not use it to reveal to much information.  If people give out their won information, then they will most likely regret later because there are people that can get that information that should not get it.  Also, when you trash talk people and don't realize it then other people see it, such as the  people you don't want to see it and people who do a background check on you for work.
    There is one major thing about blogging that should not be done which is to not put your personal information on your blog. The text talks about putting your personal information on a  blog, but it does not talk about the dangers of it.  There is always dangers when putting personal information on the Internet, and the same goes for blogs. Anyone can get a hold of the information that you put on there, so by doing that you are allowing creeps, predators, stalkers, and anyone else who is crazy to see that information, or someone who will use it against you for their own personal benefit.