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Reaction To Survey

posted Aug 31, 2011, 6:24 AM by Megan Nicole
    My reaction to the technology use in this survey was not suprising at all.  Almost all of the survey takers had access to the internet, texting, and television.  I was a little suprised though at the amount of people who use ATT.  I also noticed that the amount of people who read magazines never read the newspaper.  People in the age group 45-54 read the newspaper daily, but never read magazines or had any kind of technological advantages available on their cell phones.  The favorite local television station between all age groups was either FOX or ABC.  I knew already that older people read newspapers more that teens, and teens had more advanced cell phones.  Most middle aged adults only used internet for research ,while teens and college students used it more often for social networking.  Overall, i'm not really suprised at the end result of this survey.