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Reaction to 9/11 Video

posted Sep 18, 2011, 3:55 PM by Megan Nicole
    My reaction to this video was shocking.  I've seen so many September 11th videos ,but this one really caught my eye.  It was long ,but very entertaining.  When Megan, the girl in the apartment, was shooting the twin towers from her apartment, her expressions and reactions were heart wrenching.  I couldn't believe the amount of people who chose to commit suicide instead of staying in the building.  It was that which made me think, what did it look like up on that thirty eighth floor?  I teared up when i saw the people down on the street in front of the twin towers, reactions to each second the first tower was burning.  They were so ignorant to what was going on it was sad.  Even people on the street screamed in terror as they saw men and women fall from the top of the twin towers, and commit suicide.  The video not only capture so many different angles of the towers, from apartments on the east side to west side, but they also got reactions of people on the opposite side of the city.  Time square was full of frozen people starring at the screens around them.  That video had the most amazing visual scenes. It was incredible how that video hit harder than all the other 9/11 documentaries i have watched in the past.