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Chapter 1 Highlights

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:17 AM by Kyle Weller
    I did not relies how in depth Mass Communication was. It starts from the beggining with Oral Communication and The Print Revolution all the way up through TV and the Internet. I am suprized that there were so many steps to get to where we are now. For example there is Electronic Era, Digital Era, Media Convergence, Media Businesses in a Converged World, The Evolution of a New Mass Medium. It is amazing how there is all these things to lead up to the techolongoly we are presently at.
    Something like the internet will be never-ending. It will conutiue to grow and develope. New things like Facebook, Myspace, Blogging sites, Email, and news sites have just appered in the recent years. It is now getting where you can find anything on the Internet. Paper is becoming more and more oboslet. Even class work is becoming more computer involved. For example, this class, Media Lit, doesnt even have a text book. Close to all the work is done on a computer. It is amazing how this technologly is changing our lives.