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Blogging Concerns

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:11 AM by Kyle Weller
    Blogging has been used to bully kids, discuss parties and alchol, talk bad about teachers, etc. All three of these concerns are legitimate. Cyber bullying can lead to teen suicides, teenagers should not be talking about parties they have went or parties they are going to be attanding, and it is not right to talk bad about teachers. Sometimes comments could lead to death threats or extremmly harsh words. Students should keep in mind that it is not right to talk bad about others because words can hurt.
    Also, once you post something on the internet anybody can read it and it will be on the internet forever even if you try to delete it. Nobody should post something mean about other classmates or teachers and do not post something you wouldn't want your parents to see. That means do not post anything inapporate