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Pepsi Assembly

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:24 AM by Kyle Bergmann
The Pepsi Assembly we all watched on October 6, 2011 basically seemed no different to any of the past assemblies we've seen in the past, teaching us good morales and responsibilities for controlling our own lives. But the unique thing about these past few assemblies is the usage of multiple forms of media, such as hit songs, new to well-known movies, and events in pop culture. The reason for adding these to the videos is to relate media to actual life events. Even though we don't always gets charred by pirate ships, chased by roadrunners, or faceoff against mythological and extra-dimmensional beings bent on destroying humanity, we can sometimes feel as if we were living an extent of the experience. But how far does this define reality? just as said before, the video is meant to relate to the actual life-changing events that are bestowed upon people, just like the ones who discussed their stories during the video. But unlike the events that are shown in the movies or sung in the songs, the people who share their stories have experienced what it's like the feel Death's hand or has lost someone dear to them to such. Either way, the evolution of media has allowed us to see life-changing events in a completely new form.