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posted Oct 14, 2011, 7:02 AM by kristoffer Spigseth
Propaganda is a word that comes from all the Latin words. it is biased information designed to shape public opinions and behavior. Propaganda can be sent out in the world very easy now compared for what it was in the 1940's. Now we can just make a webpage or post something on the internet instead of actually saying it in a big speech, and then forwarding it to other people to spread the word. Propagada really started in the late 1800's start of the 1900's. it was spread by assemblys and speeches as I mentioned earlier. They used propaganda in both of the world wars. they used it to make the enemy feel small so they would give up, shape the enemies public opinions and behavior. Propaganda is used today to. In political elections, wars, you name it. they use it to make the enemy feel smaller so they would give up or be easier to win over.
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