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The Dangers of Blogging

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:15 AM by Kayla Owens   [ updated Sep 12, 2011, 9:21 AM ]
     Cyberbullying, and teenagers giving out too much information about themselves are some potential dangers of blogging that were dicussed in these texts. Both of these concerns are very legitimate. Teenagers can get into a lot of trouble when they find out that someone has used information they gave out on their blogs to bully them, and they can also have problems when future employers will not hire them because of the comments made on these blogs.
            A danger that wasn't discussed in the text was that blogging can affect a person's ability to socially interact with people in person. Blogging is a great was to express your feelings and interact with people but, if a teenager uses it too much, they start to forget how to be social with people in person. It's much easier to write something in a blog than to actually talk to a person about it.
            Students need to remember to be cautious about their information to practice responsible blogging. They can't give out all their personal information in these blogs, even if they think that only their friends can see. People will always have ways of getting to it, if they really want to. They also have to be able to filter what is alright to put on the internet and what to keep to themselves. They just need to ask themselves, Do I really want people knowing all this? And could this possibly affect something I want to do in the future?
            The class should not be allowed to make rude comments about other people's blogs, even if they disagree with their opinion. They also shouldn't be allowed to put more than their name on their blog. I think these would be appropriate for the class because they'll make sure that everyone feels comfortable about blogging.