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Pepsi Assembly Response

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:23 AM by Kayla Owens   [ updated Oct 17, 2011, 9:25 AM ]
    I really liked the Pepsi Assembly, because it tied in a lot of movie clips and music into its video that teens watch and listen to. I think that this makes the video more interesting because teens can relate to it, and they get the point of what the video is trying to say more than if they just had a person talking on it. The Pepsi Assembly's video was also more in-tuned with the audience because it was very fast paced and had a lot going on at all times. It wasn't just a boring documentary because of this and it was easier to stay focused on it. The Pepsi Assembly overall teaches really good lessons in an exciting and interesting way that teens can relate to, and I think that is why the assembly is so successfull.