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Reaction to 9/11 Video

posted Sep 16, 2011, 10:46 AM by Katie Lewis
The video that we watched in class on September 11th, was very eye opening for me. I did not really know just exactly what happened on that day till we watched that video. I was in shock the whole time while watching it .
I could not believe that I was looking at people on that video who may or may not be living now. I had so much heart for all of those fire fighters who were doing all that they could for those people in the towers, and were risking their own lives. The firefighters and police officers on that day had a lot of strength and bravery, and I am so proud of those men and women.
There was so much to take in during that video, and most of it did not even seem real. For instance, when people were just jumping out of the towers you did not think something like that could even be real. I tried to put myself in the position of some of the people that were on that video, and I do not know what I would do if I knew I was trapped in those towers and only had minutes left of my life.
I know that the people who had friends and family in this video might look at this video a little differently. I think for some they might  be upset that we were able to watch it and see some of their family before they passed away, and some might like the video because it is all that they have left of their loved one. I could not imagine what some people went through on that day.
I think this video is pretty bittersweet, and affects everyone a lot differently. In my eyes, I think this is something that needs to be published, because I do not think we should ever forget anything like this. I think everyone needs to watch it and see just the crazy things that can happen at anytime. We need to be thankful for every minute of life that we have.