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Propaganda Holocaust

posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:45 AM by Katie Lewis
I learned a lot from reading the website. I learned all about propaganda and what it means. They still have trouble totally defining propaganda, but I got what the main meaning of propaganda was. Propaganda is trying to get people to follow that thing to make it better. I also learned about what Hitler was doing before the Holocaust started. I really do not like learning about Hitler, because he is such a terrible person. He could have been a good guy, but he chose to kill millions of people instead. He was actually even a soldier during the World War 1, but everything that he did had a lot of reasoning behind it. I learned that the propaganda for Hitler was trying to sell him out as some nice, father like, military leader. The propaganda was idiolizing Hitler, and making him out as something that he really was not.
An example of modern propaganda would be like the US Army advertising to get people to join the army, because it will make them better.
Another example of propaganda would be like the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer awareness that we see everywhere. We see these ribbons, because they are trying to advertise for your money to help with the breast cancer.