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Pepsi Assembly

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:22 AM by Katie Lewis
I thought that the Pepsi Assembly over all went really good. There were some things that I would have changed about it if I could have, but most of it was decent. They put the movie together really well, with a lot of different uses of media and technology. They tied in interviews and movies within the movie. I liked how they tied in movies and interviews, because it made the assembly have more meaning and get a point across to people. The stories from other people were good, because it showed us that life changing events can happen to anyone, and we need to be thankful for every minute of life we have. I did not like one of the stories though because it was about suicide, and that scares me around high school students because I think it puts wrong thoughts in students heads. I enjoyed watching the movie though, and it really opened my eyes. It showed me I do not need to text and drive, because I can wait till i get to my destination to reply. It also showed me that I do not need to be so brave, and I need to realize that something bad could happen to me too and I need to be careful.