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Blogging responsibly

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:12 AM by kalie bozarth
    Some dangers or incidents that can come from being irresponsible or immature on blogs are things like, ruining a job opprtunity, causing fights, bullying, attracting sexual predators and many other dangerous things. I believe the two stories should be recognized by more people because they are very significant in incidents that are happening these days. All of these examples and concerns are legitimate because they all have consequences to their actions. You can't erase a blog or post from a website because it's on the Internet forever. Like the two stories said putting your name on the Internet or you address, email address or any personal information in general will put you in danger.
    People such as sexual predators who stalk the Internet for things like that can find you so easily if your information is just up there for anyone to see. Students should do things like not putting their first name on the Internet, not putting inappropriate pictures up for anyone to see, and not bullying, saying mean thing, and or trash talking to other students, adults, and teachers. There are many ways to stay safe on the Internet you just have to use it responsibly.