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Response to 9/11 Documentary

posted Sep 16, 2011, 10:48 AM by Justin Mably
    I feel like the people who chose to record the events they whitnessed on 9/11 are brave and did a good thing because without them no one would really have known visually what New York was like on that tragic day. Its odd watching the footage and seeing such a busy place look like a ghost town. Everything was covered in dust and trying to see what was in front of you was almost impossible. I was just in 2nd grade on the day of the attacks. I remember very little from that day other then listening to my teachers talk about what information they had heard.
    The air on that dreaded day was just covered in debris and one of the busiest places on this earth looked like a ghost town. The documentary really helped put 9/11 in perspective to me, because really untill i saw the video i really didn't know what was going on in the city and how many people it affected. I remember being scared in Illinois, I could only imagine being right in the action. I feel deep sympathy for those who lost loved ones on that tragic day, especially in the manner that they did. When watching the video i began to wonder how i would feel if i were in one of the towers above or at where the planes hit. Would i jump out or would i sit and wait to die? Just thinking how that was someones reality is heartbreaking. God bless everyone who puts their life on the line to defend this country.