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posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:34 AM by Justin Mably
    By touring the website I learned how propaganda began by illistrating religious issues. I also learned that through propaganda the Nazi party slowly began to take over Germany. One thing I liked about the website was it gave you a look at the war through the Nazi perspective, which was nice because normally you only see things from the other perspective. The information on the site was actually quite interesting because i have never really seen information on the Nazi party that was actually from the time period. A cool feature on the site was the timeline. When looking through the timeline you could open up real articles from that time, when you pulled it up they would show the real article along with an interpretation of what the article was trying to say which was really neat. This website made propaganda sound kind of cool and not as boring as a textbook presents it. The link I provided gives an easy and simple way for someone to understand different types of propaganda.