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Chapter 1

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:17 AM by Justin Mably

            Technology today has become one of the most important pieces of American society as we know it. People today often can’t go a day without a cell phone or the internet. In today’s society we use technology like it is going out of style. Everyone is always trying to get “the next best thing” coming out. The evolution of the cell phone is unreal, what went from a device designed to make calls is now a computer, digital camera, MP3 player, and a phone all in one.

            In today’s society news spreads more rapidly than it ever has in history. A large part of this is due to the fact of how attached people are to such social networking sites as Facebook. Facebook is something that needs no introduction, pretty much everyone and their grandma has one. On Facebook people can share news and information so rapidly, and everyone can see what they put up on their as soon as they click the post button. The way our parents got their news as teenagers and the way we receive our news are like two different worlds. What used to take hours or even days to report is now known moments after it happens.