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Blogging Dangers

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:11 AM by Joy Lauer
Some dangers when blogging can be that you give out too much information.  The information that you give out on the internet will ALWAYS be there.  If you put too much information on the internet, then when you are trying to get a job, your potential bosses could find things innapropriate or bad things that could make or break you getting the job.  The concern about too much stuff getting leaked onto the internet is legitimate.  It is legitimate because not only will your bosses see them, but bad people can see your blogs and get ahold of you, or there could be stalkers who follow you, because you put your address, or your phone number. One rule we should follow is don't put any personal information on the internet or on the blogging sites. Another rule is be careful with what you say, anything you put on the internet is on the internet forever. The third rule to follow is be careful with the pictures posted, again it will always be on the internet once it has been posted.