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John P.

Propaganda Holocaust

posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:36 AM by john parrish

The website taught me a lot.  i learned what propaganda is and how it is used. the definition of propaganda is very broad. i learned all about the holocaust and what Hitler did. he used propaganda to make the jews look bad. that is how he turned normal german people into murders. Thinking about propaganda is kinda nerve racking. it was used to hurt a lot of people. it is horrible to use propaganda to hurt someone.

Pepsi Assembly

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:35 AM by john parrish

The Pepsi assembly was very boring to me. ive seen them for years and the point they try to get across just dosent concern me anymore. i know what is right and wrong and i don't need a depressing video to tell me that. i understand that the school is trying to help kids be safe but they can do it in a better way. depressing videos make me very mad. all the use of technology is weird to me. i dont use that much technology so when they use itin the video i think its goofy. they always pull out there phone and start texting or something. they think every kid texts but i dont. i text one person only and thats my lady. the video was not effective because it wasnt related to me at all.

response to 9/11 video

posted Sep 16, 2011, 10:46 AM by john parrish

    This documentary was very sad. It makes me very angry and want to get rid of all terrorists. Those terrorists took many innocent lives and hurt many people across the world. I dont think terrorism sould be tolerated at all. I think America got a lot stronger after this day. It made people think how vulnerable we actually are now we are more cautious and safe.
    Sometimes when people were video taping it made me mad when they were trying to interview people. Camera people need to learn peoples body language becasue nobody would want to talk at a time like that.


posted Sep 12, 2011, 10:22 AM by john parrish

    I think that people are using this day for the wrong reason. They are just trying to make money of of it and they are not respecting the ones we lossed. People that are trying to make money off of this say they are donating some money but there only donating 10%. Businesses should stay out of this because it may hurt some families who lost somebody in 9/11. These companies ned to lay off and try to make some money somewhere else. I cant even believe these comnpanies tried making money off something so sad. If i was in charge i would tell all these companies to piss off and mind there own business. 

Mass Communication

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:20 AM by john parrish

This article describes all the era's of communication very well. It shows how the culutre is shown through communication and how it grows. Its very cool how communication can change over time with technological advances. Facebook and google have really changed this world, it changes how we talk to people. It allows us to talk to people from across the world with a click of a button. All of these things have made our culture grow and diverse very much. Without these forms of communication the world would be boring and blan.
    The culture as a sky scraper is stupid to me. You cannot judge media. Some media is important to some people and some isnt. Thats just how it is. Whoever thought they could judge media must think there the best. They put media in high culture and low culture classes which make no sense at all. Media is media, there is no classes.

Blogging unsafely

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:16 AM by john parrish

  Some dangers of blogging is that people can find out who you are and find out where you live. You can accidentally put private information on there and people can try to mess with you or find you. These are the legitamate dangers of blogging. When you blog you put out information about yourself that everyone can see.
     Personally i will never blog because i do not want people knowing anything about me. When kids are blogging they should think very throughly before they post. When your blogging you should only post things for school and not for social networking. Also you should try to keep your blog private. I would only blog for school because doing it outside of school can put you at a unecisary risk.
    You should also

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