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posted Oct 14, 2011, 7:04 AM by Jenni Ruggless
This website gives you a lot of information on the Holocaust. The timeline gives you general information about what major historical events have taken place. I liked the timeline because it gives you a basis for what was going on. In the section themes, Making a Leader talks about how the Nazi Party used propaganda to create a rise in political promience by making Hitler seem like a person who would be a good leader for Germany. Hilter used symbols to help create a strong side to the presidental election. Throughout Hilter's rule, a genocide had occured. Propaganda was used to show what has happened in Germany, and that people were not being treated right. I believe that propaganda has been used for a lot. It started in for the use of the Church and Catholic religion, then it became popular throughout the wars. In today's world, Propaganda is used to advertising, public relations, and communication. I think that Proganada today is infientual in some cases, but in others it just lets people know what has become. For example, for the Nazi Party, it did help them to victory, but it delayed defeat.