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Pepsi Assembly

posted Oct 7, 2011, 6:30 AM by Janna Potts
I usually actually enjoy watching the Pepsi assemblies.  They're pretty interesting and usually use pretty graphic stories to get there point across.  I don't even think we had one last year.  I've pretty much liked all of them except for the one the year before last year.  That one was honestly stupid.  They had that story about the guy who stole a stop sign and started crying about it.  I'm sorry, but that was not an effective story at all.  Nobody took that seriously; it was just some idiot crying about a very minor crime.  The ones before have always been pretty good though.  I do think that their use of modern music and movie clips is good, because it catches everyone's attention and makes it easier to relate.  It makes it more entertaining and people take it more seriously because it's not just boring presentation telling us not to drive drunk and such.  I don't think I would change much about it, other than I would make sure I find better stories than idiots crying over stop signs.