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Media Survey Results.

posted Sep 1, 2011, 10:14 PM by Janna Potts
I'm not at all surprised at the fact that almost everyone put the internet as the way they typically receive news and information because let's be honest, who's going to scope out the newspaper or wait for the news when you can just Google everything? Of course there are some people who aren't computer savvy so they prefer their  own ways, but I think for the most part a lot of people have figured out the internet is pretty convenient. I was a little surprised at the mixed results for newspaper usage.  I suppose that with the internet, and the fact that I never read newspapers, I sort of assumed they were dying out but I guess some people still read them at least weekly.  However, looking at what the majority of people actually read in the newspaper (Entertainment or sports mostly), they aren't trying to use the newspapers for information or news, so that explains why some people are still reading it.  I wasn't too surprised to see the trend that a lot of people still watch a good deal of local television.  Although the internet is convenient, I think a lot of people are still in the habit of just coming home and flipping on the news while they eat dinner or something just to sort of see what's going on.  It seems like most people are typically watching local tv in the evenings, which again, isn't that surprising.  First of all, most people have jobs or something going on in the day so they're not home to watch local tv.  Secondly, the evening is when the local news is aired and when new tv shows are aired, so of course that's going to be a trend.