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Blogging Responsibly.

posted Sep 1, 2011, 10:13 PM by Janna Potts
I think that when it comes down to it, people who are actually responsible and mature will know how to properly blog.  It's not so much the internet that's causing all this trouble and misuse, but rather irresponsible teens who would find ways to cause the same trouble anyway.  Those girls who wrote inappropriate comments about the teacher could have easily carved that into a desk or passed a note about it if blogging didn't exist.  Same with the student who posted racist and offensive things - she could have easily found another way to express that.  I understand the articles are trying to focus on showing people that they need to be careful about blogging, but I also feel that the USA Today one is acting like the internet and social networking sites bring on all of these issues, which isn't true.  Sure, they're another opportunity for people to post inappropirate information, but that's because those people are idiots in the first place. It is true, however, that the internet does create more risks with child pornography and predators.  I understand there are some kids who don't understand that, and they need to be monitored to be sure they don't post personal information.  Other than that though, I feel that most people around my age should have enough common sense to realize that on their own now.  Obviously the most important rules I would make for a blog policy would be to not post personal information about you or anybody, don't post anything that might come off as offensive or derogatory to anyone, and don't say anything you wouldn't write on a homework assignment.  Contrary to what that student in the article said, I do not believe your blog should be a personal journal unless you have privacy settings set to a way that only certain people you know can view it.  Otherwise, you might as well take you're most personal diary and leave it lying around outside.