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bloggin responsibly

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:12 AM by Jake McNamara
 I think blogging online is a bad thing.  There are many dangers that can occur when you put a blog on a website.  One thing is that people can get offended.  In the article they say that three students sent death threats to a teacher.  Another case was a girl put her idiotic rascist opinion and offended many kids at her school.  I know that everyone has free speech but a lot of bad things could have happened to her for saying something so stupid.  There is always multiple freaks in the world that have access to blogs.  If you post something about your address, where you are hanging out tonight, or what school  you go to thats just telling a pedofile where they can find you.  All of these things are legitimate reasons why blogging is dangerous because you are putting your own opinion/information for anyone to judge or see.  Things that students should pay attention to while they are blogging is put no personel imformation about themselves or other, say anything that would offend other people, or blog on something that you don't understand.  A couple rules that the class should use is to not put any personal information about themselves or others and no offensive language.