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posted Oct 17, 2011, 8:45 AM by Grace Gollon
After many years I was slightly disappointed in this years assembly.  Maybe its because the first time I watched it, the video was extremely intense and ever since then I never think the Pepsi videos are as good as the first one I saw.

This year was pretty decent though.  I know the topics and situations they discussed in the video kind of hit home, and made some upset.  Other people were effected by the video also, and I think the video helped them make better decisions.

Even though the Pepsi videos are very intense and heart wrenching, some people feat. in the video were slightly cheesey.  Like that girl talking about her ex boyfriend and how she hurts when he texts her?  Its like umm? okay dont text back? And that guy that was talking about the gangs sounded slightly fake, but besides that I thought the video was decent, and I hope they inprove next year.  Even though I will not be veiwing it.