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posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:43 AM by Gabrielle Ledferd
On this website i learned many things. Such as all the timeline and everything happened. Things I wouldnt have known without this website. On the timeline i learned many new things such has what all Hitler did to lead up to the Holocaust. One thing i learned is "The Nazi Party wins 230 seats in German parliamentary elections." I didn't think there would be that many people in the Nazi Party. I didn't realize that there were people to this day who still have scars from being in those camps, and the scars on their hearts from losing people they loved such as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and etc. My heart goes out for these people. I feel that no matter how long they live the pain will never go away and they wil always feel the pain of losing their loved ones. I think this is a really good website because it give you tons of information in one place about the Holocaust. Propaganda:
This is an example of propaganda because they are showing that women are strong to do whatever men can so they are tring to impower women.
This picture is trying to show that more people want peace and not war.