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chapter 1 mass communication

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:46 AM by Evan Juranek   [ updated Aug 30, 2011, 7:09 PM ]
I thought that this first chapter was overall fairly interesting.  The things that interested me were how the media have such a huge impact on my life and society in general.  I thought it was interesting on how communication, culture, and mass media are all linked together.  I liked how the chapter talked about some history and told us when and how the first typing devices were invented.  It also talked about how the telograph was the first step of media in the digital era.
    Another thing I found interesting was how it talked about how America was changing not just media an example would be how it talked about how America was going through the industrial revolution during the time that the media was having significant changes as well.  I also liked how it talked about how modern media is so different than it was years ago.  An example of this would be that when tvs first came out people had to work around the medias schedual and had to plan to watch a show at a certain time now days if we miss a show we can just record it or look it up on  the internet. Another example would be that in the old days the media like tv would make there shows appeal to all audiences but now tv shows appeal to specific audiences becuase so many people prefer to use other forms of media like facebook cell phones and so on.
       The last things that interest me about this chapter was when it talked about how new things get old quick and how old things become classics, and the critical process. The critical process was interesting because I didnt know that there even was a process for critisising things. The complaints I have about this chapter was that the models were confusing I understood what they were trying to say but I thought it was pointless to make a chart or ranking system of people by what media they listen to or watch. An example of this would be the scyscraper model they talked about were they said high culture are people that watch things like hamlet or beethoven while low culture are people that watch things like Avatar which dosent make any since becuase im sure there are alot of intellegent people that saw the movie Avatar.