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Blogging responsibly

posted Aug 30, 2011, 5:09 PM by Evan Juranek
What are some of the potential dangers of blogging discussed in these texts?
Some potential dangers of blogging that were discussed in the text were that it some kids can use it to make threatening remarks to a teacher. Another danger is that blogging can effect you later on in life when you are trying to get a job.
 Which of these concerns are legitimate? Why or why not?
I think all of the concerns are legitimate that these text talked about because they can all seriously effect others or yourself.
 What other dangers are there in blogging that were not discussed in the texts?
Other dangers are that kids can use it to make fun of other kids witch can lead to depression or sometimes suicide   
 What should students keep in mind in order to practice responsible blogging?
Students should keep in mind that that blogging is public and what they say not only can other people read it but later on in life it can have a negative effect on your self.
 Suggest 2-3 rules you think would be appropriate for the class to follow as part of a blog policy.
1. To not give out personal information.
2. Do not make fun of others or bully.
3. Only right what you want others to see.