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Chapter 1 Mass Media

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:41 AM by Dylan Calhoon
    Chapter one is about how media evolved. At first all the communication was oral so it was slow and people often would never find out somethings. When the print revolution happened this helped people to start reading more and more because books became more affordable. This helps because it would help people become more educated. People would also find things out that were happing a little bit faster then it being told orally.  
    When the internet finally came along it started to speed up the way you find out current events by being able to read the newspaper online. Then the internet helped change this even more by bringing social media sites to everyone. This is good thing because people can find out more events as soon as they happen. Now we can get things whether its from twitter, Facebook, or some other social media site almost as soon as they happen. I didn't like the culture as a skyscraper because I didn't agree with what they said. The things they put as high culture isn't even that popular. The things that are in the middle are more popular then anything above.