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Blogging Responsibly

posted Aug 30, 2011, 5:59 PM by Cole Jurgens
What are some of the potential dangers of blogging discussed in these texts?
Some dangers are that people could be cyberbullied or too much of your information could be out in the open.

Which of these concerns are legitimate? Why or why not?
Everything is legitimate, when it comes to online communication you should be set on your A-game.

What other dangers are there in blogging that were not discussed in the texts?
You should not post blogs with other peoples information without asking them because they can face the problems that you could have.

What should students keep in mind in order to practice responsible blogging?
They should always remember that all of the info that is online is viewable by everyone. We should watch what we put online.

 Suggest 2-3 rules you think would be appropriate for the class to follow as part of a blog policy.

1) Make sure that all postings are school appropriate.

2) Be nice! Do not be rude to other students.

3) Never put to much information out there, anyone can see it!