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posted Sep 19, 2011, 7:20 AM by Cole Jurgens
When I saw the documentary I was thinking to myself, alright we are going to watch another boring documentary on 9-11. But it was not boring. There was a lot of video in the documentary that I had never seen before. The documentary I believe showed a lot of the emotion that was going on that day, through real people like the rest of us. Not through a camera, or news team. It was real life people with home recorders and their real lives still going on around them. That is what set this documentary apart from the other documentaries. It was nice not listening to a narrarators voice during a documentary for a change. <3 When it was September 11, 2001 I was in second grade. None of the teachers were in class when the bell rang so we were all just messing around in class. Our teacher, Mrs. Norris came in and asked if any of us knew what happened and Jonathan Beverman said he knew, but everyone thinks he lied. Our teacher told us what happened and it never really hit me. I was only in second grade. My grandma picked me up from school that day and we drove by the gas stations and they were full to the max with lines around the building and down the street. When we got home I remember getting the news paper and it was very big. A lot  like the sunday paper usually is. It was very weird. And that is all I remember.