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posted Oct 17, 2011, 10:27 AM by Cody Stone   [ updated Oct 17, 2011, 10:38 AM ]
I learned a lot of different things. I learned what propaganda meanings are, I learned what the 25 point program means, I learned about each event and what time it happen and what was happening to build up to the holocaust. I like how much information they gave us. They were very thorough with the information they were giving us. On the time line they gave you a brief description but if you clicked on the picture and it would go more in depth to what they were actually doing and what was happening. I didn't know that still to today there is more things going on with the holocaust. There are museums opening up everywhere. I learn that Hitler actually became leader and in control of power in 1933. I thought that this website was amazing. It was full of information and I learned so many things. This is a great website to get all the information you would need for a project over the holocaust. I really like the art gallery and actually seeing things and pictures of people that had to go through concentration camps. Its really scary how this happened and I would hope that this wouldn't happen today. 
Uncle Sam is trying to get you do something to make it better for a country as a whole, here they are trying to get you to join the army so that they can win the war. 
This symbolizes that Obama is the hope for the untied states to make it better.