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posted Sep 12, 2011, 10:14 AM by Cody Stone
I think that they really do need to do a lot though it may seem direspectful to others not showing a lot of sympathy in my thoughts would be more disrepectful than not mentioning it. I don't think there is too much you could possible do. Though whatever you do and say will change anything from that day it could possible help. I think the president should make the higher desicion to know what to do and what he think is right and wrong. It would be wrong for people to blow the whole day off and try to forget what happen because of what happened 3000 died and many others did sent over to fight in battle. It would feel right for those know as hero to go up and tell their story. I think it is awful that corpotations are trying to make money off of 9/11.  I believe that doing as much as you can to remember this day you should to show how sorry you truly are.