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Clayton O.

propaganda blog

posted Oct 14, 2011, 7:34 AM by clayton otto

The website that i have chosen is very educational and tellls you how the Germans looked at propaganda and how they did things during the holocost.  the holocost is a horible thing to have to live through.

Pepsi talk

posted Oct 7, 2011, 6:33 AM by clayton otto

    In this assembly that i attended i liked the production and the point they where trying to get across.  it was a little cheesey but sad because of the girl who killed her self and it is always sad but helps people see the point on texting and driving.

911 event

posted Oct 3, 2011, 7:28 AM by clayton otto

After watching the historic story of the horrible 9/11 it made me more mad and upset at the terrorist.  When the guy in the video said we should bomb them all he was right, they did it to us and they killed thousands of innocent people just doing their job.  I feel so bad for those families that lost a love one and or family friend.  As I was watching i thought to myself what I would do if I was in the upper level of the building above the plain.  Would i jump like everybody else or just wait to die.  I wonder if that went to through anybody else’s mind.  God bless to the firefighters, policemen and the people that were lost in that horrible attack, I will always remember the heroic people that gave their life to save people. 

blog bullying

posted Aug 30, 2011, 6:11 PM by clayton otto

    With the world changing and people blog alot, people could think someone is dumb for putting up a blog that didnt make since.  So who cares if you dont like it or agree with that person on it, its their feelings.  When i see someone saying hurtful things on the internet its just dissapointing to see that you would try to put someone down and make them feel like that they cant express his or hers feelings.  I think that cyber bullying and other bullying techniques are wrong, if you dont like someone then stay out of their business and dont try to cause drama.

Chapter one

posted Aug 29, 2011, 6:46 AM by clayton otto

    In Chapter one, while I was reading I learned how people communicate in the early 1900s and how it has changed in modern day.  I thought that the culture section was brought in very well and explained and said with chapter one.  When you are in a culture you communicate with your ideas and explore your feelings as well as other people in the group.  Mass Communications is the process of explaing to a mass group of audiences of designing cultural and stories.  I think that learning alot with mass communications would be to watch the news and and listen to music and the lyrics that the artist is saying, which is mass media.
    In the real world when you want to get your point out you have to present it to infront of people.  So in the Oral and Written eras in Communications, people all over the world use this type of communication.  When something bad happens in the world or if its good news you most likely be able to find it on some sort of internet site like, facebook, twitter, or even CNN.  When it came time to look at the news or read it most the most was TV the reason being in my thoughts is that the news anchors show pictures, videos and they even have a crew to talk about how the storm is or whats going on in a court case.  Between the two catagories of TV and Computers they combined for a 57% of how people find out about whats going on in the world.

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