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Reaction to Survey

posted Aug 31, 2011, 6:31 AM by callie whetstone
I noticed that in the survey the main response to the question about how teens get most of their information through the internet. This shows that the internet has become one the most, if not the most, popular tool in getting information. I also saw that most of the surveyed people used the internet more for social networking. Many of the teens that took the survey said that they barely or do not read the newspaper. I think this isn't the best thing because although we have the internet, the newspaper is more accurate and covers the important topics. Another detail I noticed is that most people, regardless of age, watch television in the evening or nighttime. I also do this, and sometimes it affects my sleeping and the ability to fully focus due to lack of sleep the next day. TV is a great way to get information and entertainment, but I think it should be watched every now and then, not every single night. I also saw that there were many different magazines used by different people. I think it's good to have a big variety.