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Blogging: The potential dangers

posted Aug 29, 2011, 7:32 AM by callie whetstone   [ updated Aug 30, 2011, 1:50 PM ]
Some of the potential dangers of blogging on the Internet, especially for young teens, include: Starting or spreading hateful or humiliating rumors, giving out personal information, saying immature things that will be regrettable in the future, insulting someone or a specific group of people intentionally or unintentionally, etc. The two that I think are the most legitimate are giving out your personal information and insulting others in a serious way. If you give out your full name and address, anyone can see that(a blog is public on the Internet). If you are voicing your opinion in a mean and hateful way, you could have law suits filed against you. Some potential dangers that were not mentioned in the texts are the danger of accidentially putting too much personal information out there for everyone to see, or abusing the blogging system to the point where you aren't caring who reads it and someone could become too offended and try to harm you themselves. I think students should keep in mind that blogging is a tool that should be used for educational purposes and a way of expressing your ideas and thoughts in a healthy way. A couple of rules that I think should be inforced are: 1) Don't ever give out information you wouldn't want a complete stranger to have access to and 2) Keep your insulting thoughts and offfensive comments off the Internet.