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Chapter 1

posted Sep 23, 2011, 11:08 AM by Brennan Pappas
    Personaly, I think the one of the largest change to technology are the internet and computers.Both of these things allowe information to go everywere in cluding our phones and tablets. Internet is one of the main ways that people use social networking, emailing, blogging, and instant messaging. A few other ways technology has changed our lives in the media like tv radio.  These other ways are just as usefull, but i do not think they are as commonly used as the internet.
    New technology has been used in such a way that it is hard to explain how powerful it is.  Although technology has its ups it also has its downs and alot of bad things can come from it like cyberbullying and gossip, but honistly these things can be prevented by not posting information that is not needed.